Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stereo heart

my hearts a stereo
it beats for u so listen close
hear my thoughts in every note
make me ur radio
turn me up when u feel low
this melody was meant for u
so sing along to my stereo
if i was just another dusty record on the shelf
would u blow me off and play me like everybody else
further more i apologize for any skipping tracks
its just the last girl that played me left a couple tracks
cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts
if i could only find the note to make u understand
now sing it softly in ur ear and grab u by the hand
keep it stuck inside ur head like ur favorite tune,
and know my hearts a stereo that only plays for u
i only pray u never leave me behind
bcause good music can be so hard to find
i wil take ur head and hold it closer to mine
thought love was dead but now u are changing my mind..